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Studio Ghibli Totoro Lamp

totoro lampStudio Ghibli Totoro Dondoko Odori Figure Lamp

This little Totoro Lamp lights up a room by being the cutest thing in the room! The lamp itself is more of a night-light… but I didn’t get it to read by… I got it because it’s so stinking adorable.

Totoro stands on a stump holding a leaf high above his head.  A motion sensor cause the low light to come on … and he DANCES!

The Totoro Dondoko Ondori Figure lamp is the perfect gift for any Totoro Fan or Studio Ghibli lover. It works in a children’s room, or in a hall where you might just need a night light.

You can even keep it on your nightstand… to keep you company in the middle of the night.

How does the Totoro Lamp Work?

The lamp has a sensor, so whenever anyone walks by or makes a noise, the light comes on, and Totoro does a little dance. Now, there are three light modes… steady, random and normal. Steady mode will keep the light on, random is just what it says, random bursts of light and dance, and normal mode just turns on when you activate it. (Consider keeping him on your nightstand, so when you reach out for something in the dark, Totoro will sense you, and light up the area. This makes it easy to find glasses, water, or whatever.

totoro lamp
Set Totoro on Your Nightstand



Totoro also does the cutest little dance with his leaf... kind of a bouncy side-to-side dance. Sadly, there is no music (for that you need the music box) but that’s ok. It’s still super cute!

Figuring the instructions out take a bit of effort… the paperwork is all in Japanese (so, I guess it only takes effort if you don’t read Japanese…) But, you can manage!

The lamp requires 3 AA batteries!! (which naturally, are not included…)

Totoro lamp
Light up Dark Stairways

Mostly the Totoro Lamp is a Cute Object

I didn’t get it because I needed a big lamp… I bought my little (and by little, I mean around 6 inches from stump to leaf). I bought it because I adore Totoro, and seeing him dance makes me smile. His soft, plastic body bounces back and forth, and brings a little happiness to my day. What more can you ask?

You can find the Studio Ghibli Totoro Dondoko Odori Figure Lamp on Amazon or Ebay

totoro lampStudio Ghibli Totoro Dondoko Odori Figure Lamp


Check out the Totoro Lamp in action (Remember, there is no music coming from the lamp!)