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studio ghibli music boxes

Studio Ghibli Music Boxes

studio ghibli music boxes

studio ghibli music boxGhibli next Totoro wood carving relief BOX type Music Box Totoro


Studio Ghibli Music Boxes are beautiful collectibles, and are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Hayao Miyazaki Movies, Studi Ghibli Films or sweet Music Boxes.

Some, like this Totoro Music Box, are made of wood, others, are hand made from clay, turn when the music is played, still others are simple boxes that just play the beautiful music from the Studio Ghibli films. Hear the familiar music from My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Casle in the Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away.

These are perfect gifts for friends and family who collect music boxes, or who enjoy watching Studio Ghibli films. And, these are perfect treasures to buy for yourself.

My Neighbor Totoro Music Boxs

studio ghibli music boxStudio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Music Box with a Drawer

Totoro Music Box With a Drawer

This sweet little wooden Totoro Music box has a drawer to hold little treasures. When you open the box, Totoro spins around to his music.

The box measures 4 by 4 inches, and is green and hand painted with pretty little flowers.

Plays the music from the movie My Neighbor Totoro…”Tonari no Totoro”. …

 My Favorite Totoro Music Box….

Totoro on a Ferris Wheel with his friends from My Neighbor Totoro
The Ferris Wheel turns as the music plays.

studio ghibli music boxBenelic My Neighbor Totoro: Ferris Wheel Music Box Statue

Hand Painted Totoro Music Box Collection

These music boxes all belong to the My Neighbor Totoro Collection. They stand around 4 – 5 inches tall, and are made of a hardened clay, not plastic. The boxes play music from the anime film, either “Sanpo” or “The Wind in the Forest”.

studio ghibli music boxBenelic My Neighbor Totoro Music Boxstudio ghibli music boxCocoFang Wind Up Music Box (My Neighbor Totoro) (Tree with bell)studio ghibli music boxMctech My Neighbor Totoro Music Box – Desktop Decoration Great Gift for Christmas(Manually) (A)studio ghibli music boxTotoro Music Box-Amefuri (Raining)

Don’t forget Mei!

Mei Music Boxes from My Neighbor Totoro

studio ghibli music boxSekiguchi Studio Ghibli My neighbor Totoro Music boxstudio ghibli music boxSekiguchi Studio Ghibli My neighbor Totoro Music boxstudio ghibli music boxSekiguchi Studio Ghibli My neighbor Totoro Music box

 This AMAZING Music Box lets you Make Your OWN Music!

Order the Music box, decorated with Totoro… and you can choose which music you like from their site! You also get strips of paper for creating your own tunes…

studio ghibli music boxeswooden music box using strips, 30 note, Ghibli music


Still MORE Studio Ghibli Music Boxes

It’s not all Totoro!

The Wind Rises Music Box

studio ghibli music boxStudio Ghibli BOOK type music box KAZE TATINU -the wind rises-

This beautiful new film from Hayao Miyazaki contained amazing imagery, and lovely music. You can capture a bit of that feeling with this lovely music box.

This tiny little box (3×3) is big on beauty.

It’s known as a “book Music Box” because it opens up to reveal the works, like a book. Hand crank it to hear the sounds.

I love the image on the front of Jiro’s wife, Naoko, painting on the hillside. The clouds coming up behind her. Absolutely lovely.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Music Box

I really like these Kiki and Jiji Music boxes… but my favorite is the one that’s made to look like Kiki’s transistor radio. I think I might hang it on my bike handle bars and pretend I”m flying!

Most of these music boxes are hand made from clay, and then hand painted.

The Kiki on a Broom music box is around 4 1/2 inches tall, and plays “Rouge no Dengon”. The Jiji music box is 3 1/2 inches tall and plays “Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara”.

The Book type music box, and the radio music box are hand crank type.

studio ghibli music boxesSekiguchi Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Delivery Service Music boxstudio ghibli music boxesKiki’s Delivery Service music boxstudio ghibli music boxesStudio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service Music Box (Delivery)studio ghibli music boxesBenelic Kiki’s Delivery Service: Jiji Pet Stand Statuestudio ghibli music boxesStudio Ghibli Music Box Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji

Castle In the Sky Music Box

studio ghibli music boxesStudio Ghibli Laputa Castle in the Sky Ceramic Music Box

There are a lot of beautiful Castle in the Sky Music Boxes to choose from…. from Antique Style to a Carousel… There is even a small heart shaped music box that can be used as a keychain.

My favorite of these Studio Ghibli Music Boxes, is the Robot soldier… maybe because he’s one of my favorite Ghibli characters. Such a gentle being… but so protective of Laputa. I also really like the Music Box of Pazu and Sheeta on Laputa.

(Ok, and I admit, Pazu playing the Trumpet isn’t a music box, it’s a clock, but it SHOULD be a music box of him playing to greet the day).

studio ghibli music boxesMusic Box Laputa Castle in the Sky Robot Soldier Studio Ghibli[japan Import]studio ghibli music boxesBenelic Castle in The Sky: Pazu’s House Table Clock Statuestudio ghibli music boxesAntique Vintage Piano Wind up Wooden Music Box Play the Castle in the Skystudio ghibli music boxesLIWUYOU Luxury Large Size Carousel Horse Music Box With Colorful LED Light Illumination Rotate,Play the Castle in the Sky Tune Color Pinkstudio ghibli music boxesClockwork Music Box Tune Is Castle in the Sky Music Box for Birthday Presentstudio ghibli music boxes18 Note Wind-Up Musical Box In Heart Shape Play Carrying You Of Anime Castle In The Sky

Spirited Away Music Boxes

These sweet Music boxes play “Always With Me” from the award winning movie, Spirited Away. Makes a lovely gift for someone who loves Spirited Away.

The wooden heart music box would make such a wonderful keepsake for a sweetheart, but I prefer the No-Face learning to knit music box. Bao Mouse sits on his lap with the yarn… it looks like such a playful scene.

studio ghibli music boxesAnime Cartoon Miyazaki Hayao Spirited Away No Face Music Box PVC Action Figure Collection Toy Doll 12cmstudio ghibli music boxesAlways with Me From Spirited Away – Collectable Music Box Movement – 18 Note Sankyo – Animestudio ghibli music boxesLaxury Heart-shaped Creative Engraved Wooden 18-note Wind-up Musical Box,Musicl Toys,Tune:Always with Me from the Spirited Away


Whisper of the Heart

The Baron is such a cool cat… and he’s a wonderful statue…. it only makes sense that he could be a music box. Side by side, he and Luise make such a wonderful pair.

The statues are approximately 12 inches tall… and are much more beautiful in person than the photo shows. The Baron’s eyes even sparkle… just like in Whisper of the Heart…

studio ghibli music boxesBenelic Whisper of The Heart: Baron Music Boxstudio ghibli music boxesBenelic Whisper of The Heart: Luise Music Box

Still More Studio Ghibli Music Boxes


Porco Rosso

The Story of a cocky Pilot who is enchanted into a pig…

studio ghibli music boxesStudio Ghibli Porco Rosso Music Box Figure Hayao Miyazakistudio ghibli music boxesStudio Ghibli – Porco Rosso [Music box]


Arrietty Music Box

studio ghibli music boxesArietti Arietti book type of music box Borrower Arrietty Studio Ghibli (japan import)Arrietty is a Borrower… she and her family are very tiny and live within the walls of a house. That’s what makes this music box so special… Arrietty is inside the book.

It’s the perfect size.

This a wind-up music box, so you can open it up and enjoy it any time.

Princess Mononoke Music Boxes

It’s the classic environmental struggle of progress versus nature brought to life. But do the gods of the wild stand a chance against “modern man”. I love the Princes Mononoke Music box… her mask makes her fierce, and the knife is poised, ready to take on anything.

studio ghibli music boxesPrincess Mononoke Music Box (San) Mononoke Hime Studio Ghiblistudio ghibli music boxesPrincess Mononoke ( Mononoke Hime ) Music Box Figure ( Deer God ) 17439

What an amazing collection of Studio Ghibli Music Boxes… wouldn’t you love to have them all??


studio ghibli music boxes