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Studio Ghibli Dining

Totoro Cookie Cutter- Find Your Perfect Totoro Cookie Cutter HERE!

totoro cookie cutters

  Totoro cookie cutter set. Looking for a cute Totoro Cookie Cutter? There are a few different styles to choose from. You can go with just Totoro… Totoro and Chibli… or even make an entire scene from My Neighbor Totoro! Because Totoro is such a nice round shape, you can easily use the Cutters for MORE than just sugar cookies! …

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Spirited Away Mugs- Perfect for Tea or Cocoa!

spirited away mug

Starting your day with a mug of tea and ending your day with a mug of cocoa is much sweeter when drinking your favorite beverage out of one of these adorable Spirited Away Mugs. Simple, cute, and handmade or detailed and magical…. Whichever you choose, these mugs are sure to hold a special place in your world. And I bet, …

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Studio Ghibli Cooking- Recreate your Favorite Studio Ghibli Meals!

studio ghibli cooking

Food plays such an important role in Studio Ghibli films!  From Ponyo’s Ham to Umi cooking beautiful meals for the boarders… food is everywhere! Why not try a little Studio Ghibli Cooking yourself? I’ve added some video of delightful foods, and included some ingredients you might need. Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to create lovely Bento lunches like …

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Studio Ghibli Mugs

studio Ghibli mugs

If teacup My Neighbor Totoro Having a few Studio Ghibli Mugs makes starting and ending my day just that much nicer. In the morning, I can enjoy looking at all the little images… without needing to use too much brain power. And in the evening, I can quiet my brain down by gazing at my favorite characters. In Japanese, this …

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Totoro Sitting on Leaves Noritake Japanese Rice Bowl

Totoro tyawan (Japanese rice bowl) Noritake Bone China Dimensions- Diameter 11.4 cm Height 5.5 cm Product Review- Totoro Sitting on Leaves Noritake Japanese Rice Bowl Noritake uses the highest quality Bone China in all it produces, and this Totoro Sitting on Leaves Japanese Rice Bowl is no exception. Exquisite craftsmanship make this sweet little bowl a treasure. Light and comfortable to …

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Totoro Bento Box Set- Carry your Lunch in Adorable STYLE!

totoro bento box

Bento: Totoro Design Thermal Bento Lunch Box Set (3 Food Containers, Fork & Bag) Brown Bagging is so last century… today anyone who wants to be green, and cool at the same time… carries their lunch in a Totoro Bento Box Set! It’s best to have a Bento Box that suits your personality. For fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio …

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