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Studio Ghibli Music Boxes

studio ghibli music boxes

Ghibli next Totoro wood carving relief BOX type Music Box Totoro   Studio Ghibli Music Boxes are beautiful collectibles, and are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Hayao Miyazaki Movies, Studi Ghibli Films or sweet Music Boxes. Some, like this Totoro Music Box, are made of wood, others, are hand made from clay, turn when the music is played, …

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Miyazaki Movie Posters to Decorate Your World!

Mix of Hayao Miyazaki movies Pen sketch Da Vinci style wallart print We love the Art of Hayao Miyazaki at our house which includes Miyazaki movie posters. The Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki movie posters decorate the walls of our home. My daughter has a “My Neighbor Totoro” poster hanging on her wall. And “Spirited Away” hangs in the Entry Hall. The movie posters are …

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