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Studio Ghibli Decor

My Neighbor Totoro Face Towel

Face Towel break My Neighbor Totoro Studio Ghibli   My Neighbor Totoro Face Towel Catbus races across the sky dropping leaves and soot sprites all over the Totoros! Perfect for a guest bathroom… or take along on a picnic to act as a placemat!  

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kiki’s delivery service Wash towel

Super popular towel of Kiki’s Delivery Service! Gigi of cute black cat! Touch with attention to detail also excellent! Kiki’s Delivery Service Wash towel Perfect to use as a washcloth, or pack into your lunch box to use as a cute napkin. This cloth features Jiji looking up at Kiki’s Delivery Service sign.

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My Neighbor Totoro Cotton Towel Fireworks

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Cotton Gauze Face Towel Tenugui. Japanese high class gauze towel. Manufactured in Japan. The charm of this towel is a very soft thing. This towel is a soft towel like clouds. And even if it uses this towel repeatedly, it is like a new one. My Neighbor Totoro Cotton Towel Fireworks Perfect for use as …

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Totoro Sitting on Leaves Noritake Japanese Rice Bowl

Totoro tyawan (Japanese rice bowl) Noritake Bone China Dimensions- Diameter 11.4 cm Height 5.5 cm Product Review- Totoro Sitting on Leaves Noritake Japanese Rice Bowl Noritake uses the highest quality Bone China in all it produces, and this Totoro Sitting on Leaves Japanese Rice Bowl is no exception. Exquisite craftsmanship make this sweet little bowl a treasure. Light and comfortable to …

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Studio Ghibli Papercraft- Build Your Own Miyazaki World

studio ghibli papercraft

 1/150 Sosuke Ponyo House Ponyo on a Cliff By the Sea Mk07-08 Studio Ghibli Papercraft makes it possible to create your own Studio Ghibli world in 3 D?? You will be able to see from all sides and angles what before now you had only seen on screen! These papercraft models of Studio Ghibli homes and buildings come pre-printed and …

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Studio Ghibli Totoro Lamp

totoro lamp

Studio Ghibli Totoro Dondoko Odori Figure Lamp This little Totoro Lamp lights up a room by being the cutest thing in the room! The lamp itself is more of a night-light… but I didn’t get it to read by… I got it because it’s so stinking adorable. Totoro stands on a stump holding a leaf high above his head.  A …

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Totoro Bento Box Set- Carry your Lunch in Adorable STYLE!

totoro bento box

Bento: Totoro Design Thermal Bento Lunch Box Set (3 Food Containers, Fork & Bag) Brown Bagging is so last century… today anyone who wants to be green, and cool at the same time… carries their lunch in a Totoro Bento Box Set! It’s best to have a Bento Box that suits your personality. For fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio …

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Find Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Decal

studio ghibli decals

Totoro Studio Ghibli Apple Macbook Decal Vinyl Sticker Apple Mac Air Pro Retina Laptop sticker My computer was looking a little plain… my car needed some pizazz… and wouldn’t my phone look so much cuter with Studio Ghibli Decal on it? Turns out, these vinyl Miyazaki stickers and Studio Ghibli Decals  are just the ticket.  They come in all sizes, …

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My Neighbor Totoro Bed Set- Cute Totoro Beds and Bedding!

my neighbor totoro bedding set

Remember the scene in My Neighbor Totoro, where the girls and Totoro took a comfy nap all together…?  Now imagine how well you will sleep when you are cuddled up in a your very own My Neighbor Tototo Bed Set! You can buy Totoro Bed sets as a full bed, or as a set of Totoro Bed Sheets that can …

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