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Studio Ghibli Umbrella- Protect Yourself from Sun AND Rain!

studio ghibli umbrella

  Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s time to bring out your Studio Ghibli Umbrella! These cute umbrellas are decorated with scenes from Studio Ghibli Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke… Perfect for keeping you dry (like the bus stop scene). And then, when the sun comes back out in the summer…. you …

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Ten Easy Studio Ghibli Cosplay for Couples Ideas

studio ghibli cosplay

There are so many great friendships and relationships in Studio Ghibli films! Coming up with Studio Ghibli Cosplay for couples is easy and fun! The best part? These couples costumes aren’t necessarily gender related… and unlike a lot of other cosplay these days… you get to wear actual clothes (instead of a bikini made from scraps of neoprene and roadkill). …

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Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplay- Dress as Howl, Sophie or even Calcifer!

howls moving castle cosplay

Howl Howl’s Moving Castle anime cosplay complete Finding the right outfits for Howl’s Moving Castle Cosplay is easier than you think! And with loads of styles to choose from (Howl really is a clothes horse… as well as being wildly beautiful)… you can change up the look a few times over a weekend. You can also find Cosplay outfits for …

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What is Future Boy Conan?

what is future boy conan

While doing research for a project, I stumbled across Conan, the Boy in Future…. I had to dig a bit… What IS Future Boy Conan?? Why did I never see this show before? The 26 episode show was the directorial debut of the master Hayao Miyazaki, and you can clearly see his fingerprints all through the series. Currently, I can …

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Adorable My Neighbor Totoro Nesting Dolls! These are SO CUTE!

my neighbor totoro nesting dolls

Studio Ghibli Totoro Matryoshka These My Neighbor Totoro Nesting Dolls remind me of a set that I got from my grandfather when I was young. I was fascinated by them! The Nesting dolls came from Russia, and were really called Matryoshka. I spent hours taking them apart and putting them back together again. I’d line them up by size… there …

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Baby Totoro Onesie- An Essential Baby Item for Studio Ghibli Fans!

baby Totoro Onesie

Beal Shopping Cute Totoro Cartoon Baby Romper Newborn Infant Toddlers Boy Girl Cosplay Costume Clothing My niece, who is a huge fan of Totoro, is about to have a baby. My plan is to buy her a Baby Totoro Onesie, or two…. or three… Heck maybe I’ll get one for every day of the week. These Totoro Onesies are so …

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