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Totoro School Supplies- Take Totoro To School With You!

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be depressing! Lift your spirits and show off your love for Totoro with these Super CUTE Totoro School Supplies!Find everything you need for a successful school year here! Backpacks, pens and pencils, planners and more. Just because you have to spend the day in a classroom or at a desk studying, doesn’t mean …

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Studio Ghibli Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts for the One You Love

Can you imagine anything nicer on February 14 than getting a Studio Ghibli Valentine gift? Sweet, thoughtful… all the happy feelings!!! Luckily, there are loads of wonderful things to choose from … Studio Ghibli Valentine Cards, Studio Ghibli Jewelry, posters, pins, plushies… and so much more! Find that perfect something for your special Valentine! (or maybe just Treat Yourself!). There …

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Which film do you think has the Best Studio Ghibli Romance?

best studio ghibli romance

Studio Ghibli films aren’t known for lovey-dovey relationships, but still, there are some great couples in many of the movies that just make me melt. What movie do you think has the Best Studio Ghibli Romance? Who is your favorite Studio Ghibli couple? Me? I love Sheeta and Pazu… but then… Howl… who couldn’t fall for Howl? Take a look …

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Studio Ghibli Cooking- Recreate your Favorite Studio Ghibli Meals!

studio ghibli cooking

Food plays such an important role in Studio Ghibli films!  From Ponyo’s Ham to Umi cooking beautiful meals for the boarders… food is everywhere! Why not try a little Studio Ghibli Cooking yourself? I’ve added some video of delightful foods, and included some ingredients you might need. Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to create lovely Bento lunches like …

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Totoro Origami Paper – Studio Ghibli Origami Kits

totoro origami paper

Ensky Nibariki Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Origami Set 12 Designs Japanese Folding Paper Flexagon Craft Japan Import Made in Japan Papercraft like Origami are such a relaxing activity… added bonus… you create something beautiful! If you love Origami, and are a huge Studio Ghibli fan, then you NEED this Totoro Origami Paper. Bright and colorful, with My Neighbor Totoro …

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Cute Stocking Stuffers for Studio Ghibli Fans! All under $30!

studio ghibli gift

Totoro Earrings (Studio Ghibli Inspired) Stocking Stuffers are defined as small gifts that could fit in a stocking. I also see them as a nice little way to give a special Studio Ghibli gift, without breaking the bank. Something thoughtful without being wildly expensive. I’ve done some searching, and found cute Stocking Stuffers Studio Ghibli fans will love!! These small …

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Studio Ghibli Umbrella- Protect Yourself from Sun AND Rain!

studio ghibli umbrella

  Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s time to bring out your Studio Ghibli Umbrella! These cute umbrellas are decorated with scenes from Studio Ghibli Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke… Perfect for keeping you dry (like the bus stop scene). And then, when the sun comes back out in the summer…. you …

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Ten Easy Studio Ghibli Cosplay for Couples Ideas

studio ghibli cosplay

There are so many great friendships and relationships in Studio Ghibli films! Coming up with Studio Ghibli Cosplay for couples is easy and fun! The best part? These couples costumes aren’t necessarily gender related… and unlike a lot of other cosplay these days… you get to wear actual clothes (instead of a bikini made from scraps of neoprene and roadkill). …

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